Werkmannen is Belgian independent graphic designer Stijn Segers.

Since 2002 he focuses on printed matter for clients in the cultural sector and creative and commercial industries.
Next to that, he initiates projects dealing with heritage, typography and public space.
He is the co-founder of print club KOPIJ and makes music under the moniker of TOUR.

Contact: stijn(at)werkmannen(punt)be
Recent works
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House style for theatre collective Het nieuwstedelijk in Leuven (2015 - 2017)

Identity and graphic design for Belgian theatre collective Het nieuwstedelijk (= de Queeste x Braakland/ZheBuilding).
In collaboration with Niek Kosten.

Graphic design of exposition Napoleon in Provinciale Bibliotheek in Hasselt (2015)

Identity and graphic design for an exhibition about Napoleon in the library of Provincie Limburg. Typography, color selection and spacing are all based upon rules installed by Napoleon: the Didot font was made especially for the crowning of the emperor, under Napoleon I the proportions of the tricolore flag were changed to make the stripes' width equal and the colors red and blue were redefined.

Sleeve design for 12 Notes by COEM (2014)

The Belgian band Coin Operated Entertainment Machine (short COEM) asked to make a design for their new vinyl album, keeping in mind that they wanted to reprint 200 old vinyl sleeves with a new design.

Together we decided to print one layer of black ink on the sleeve, covering the old image for the greater part. The bold typeface leaves gaps in the black square, showing elements of the old images underneath. It produces great new graphic elements.

The sleeves were printed with the help of the full band at Print Club KOPIJ.

Graphic design of exposition Bewogen in Provinciale Bibliotheek in Hasselt (2014)

In 2014 the beginning of World War 1 was commemorated in Europe. In Limburg the Provinciale Bibliotheek Limburg organized an exhibition that focused on the individual suffering of the Belgian people. An important element in World War 1 in Limburg was the construction of an high voltage electric wire along the border with the Netherlands, with which the Germans wanted to withhold the Belgians from escaping to the neutral Netherlands.

The logo of the exhibition is based upon the sleeve of an old novel describing the electric wire (called De Draad in Dutch): four lines cut up the title "Bewogen" ("Moved" in English), also referring to the four years of the war.

The logo served as a starting point for the signage of the exhibition: four lines started from the logo, guiding the visitor though out the exhibition.

We Are OK, Installation for Traction Avant / CIAP in Hasselt (2013)

In 2013 arts centre CIAP asked Niek Kosten and me to make an installation for the exhibition "Traction Avant", an artistic reaction to the announcement of the closure of the Ford factory in Genk. 

The installation is built around a poster displaying the letters 'WROK'. It reflects the dual feeling of courage and disappointment in the current local and global economic situation. Referring to 'wrok', the Dutch word for 'resentment', and the abbreviation of 'we are ok'.

The exhibition ran from June 22nd until September 1st, 2013. The installation extended beyond the exhibition walls, presenting it on former or endangered industrial sites in the region.

Graphic design of travelling exposition DE ANDERE VERBEELD / VERBEELD GEVAAR for Kerkwerk Multicultureel Samenleven (2013)

An exhibition about the depiction of 'the other' in christian art between 1450 en 1750. Five groups were focused on: the Jew, the black, the heretic, the Turk and the catholic. The other was a source of fear as well as fascination and an inspiration for many artists. They used stereotypes most of the time to depict the other.

The exhibition uses contemporary media to depict the content: newspapers, moving billboards and flatscreens guide the visitor through the content. The contrast between the ancient imagery and the modern graphic design and carriers brings tension. Pictograms of the five groups were created to emphasize the stereotype.

In collaboration with Studio Kernland.